How to relax when you don't have time.

Learn to relax when time isn't available.
woman relaxing

"I don't have time."

One of the biggest concerns people have about relaxing is the time to do it. 

One of the ways that relaxation can be counterproductive is when it turns into a chore, another thing that you have to do. 

To prevent that from happening, start with 5 minutes. 

Try a relaxation technique for 5 minutes a day. Some ideas are deep breathing, listening to soothing sounds, or aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is practiced with essential oils, but you can use your favorite lotion or light a scented candle if you don't have an essential oil roller blend nearby. Whichever activity you choose, try to participate in it fully. Concentrate on the the way your breathe travels through your body, the sounds you hear, or what you smell. 

The goal is to give your body and mind a moment to reduce the over-stimulation that can come from your environment or your thoughts alone.

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