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1. What Makes Azizah Healing Unique?
Azizah Healing offers handcrafted, 100% natural skincare products formulated specifically for women with dry skin. Our best-selling Himalayan Pink Me Up Butter Top Body Scrub is designed to moisturize, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin.

2. How Do Your Products Help with Dry Skin?
Our skincare line utilizes potent natural ingredients like mango butter, jojoba oil, and Himalayan pink salt to provide deep moisture, gentle exfoliation, and essential nutrients that target dryness and improve skin texture.

3. Are Your Products All-Natural?
Absolutely! We're committed to formulating products that are free from harsh chemicals. Ingredients like mango butter, shea butter and jojoba oil are nature's best moisturizers.

4. Can I Use Multiple Azizah Healing Products Together?
Yes, our products are designed to complement each other. While each item works wonders on its own, using them together can offer a complete skincare experience.

5. What's the Shelf Life of Your Products?
Our products are made fresh and have a shelf life of up to one year. Plus, the natural ingredients work to maintain their effectiveness over time.

6. What Scents Do Your Products Come In?
We focus on aromatic experiences that also offer skin benefits, such as our soothing lavender and eucalyptus essential oils in our Keep Me Grounded bath soak.

7. How Quickly Will I See Results?
Many of our customers report seeing softer, more radiant skin after just one use! For best results, we recommend incorporating Azizah Healing into your regular skincare routine.

8. Are Azizah Healing Products Suitable for Sensitive Skin?
Absolutely, our products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. We use only natural ingredients known for their gentle, skin-soothing properties. However, if you have specific concerns, we recommend doing a patch test before full application.

9. Can Azizah Healing Products Help with Scars?
While our products aim to improve overall skin health, they are not specifically formulated to treat scars. That being said, ingredients like mango butter, shea butter and vitamin E oil are known to improve skin texture and appearance, which can indirectly aid in the appearance of scars.

10. I've Heard Some Caution About Using Beeswax in Skincare. Should I Be Concerned?
Beeswax is a natural ingredient that acts as a skin barrier, locking in moisture and protecting against environmental stressors. The concern with beeswax in some products arises from the additional harsh chemicals that are often combined with it. At Azizah Healing, we ensure that our beeswax is paired only with natural, skin-loving ingredients to offer you the full benefits without any drawbacks. Beeswax is only used in our body balms.

11. Will Azizah Healing Products Clog My Pores?
No, all the ingredients we use are non-comedogenic, meaning they are specifically chosen not to clog pores. This makes our products suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

12. Do You Offer Refunds?
Yes, we do! 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed! We are not satisfied until you are.